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TY1KS の OQRS トラブルにご注意

下記のようなメールが Club Log Team の Marios から届いた.僕は手動で Paypal 送金をして IZ7KHR から確認メールをもらっているし,LoTW でコンファーム済みだが,心当たりにある方はご注意を.

I am the Club Log OQRS software developer. Our OQRS QSL service is a free
service provided to a number of DXpeditions like TY1KS. I have noticed that
you had previously attempted to request a DIRECT QSL(s) for TY1KS but did
NOT complete the transaction on paypal.

I have identified a problem with the redirection from Club Log to paypal
occasionally causing an error to appear which may have prevented you from
completing the request. I have now corrected it.

If you have NOT already made any alternative arrangements to request the QSL
with TY1KS directly and you wish to try the OQRS site once again, I would
encourage you to do so. I would be grateful if you could let me know if you
encounter ANY further problems!

The site url is :
www.dxcoffee.com/ty1ks/?page_id=125 or via Club Log:
by JM1WBB | 2011-08-30 00:41 | 短波