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160m から 2m まで DX 追っかけ生活の悲喜交々

JA6DR 隈本氏が逝去

出かけていて書きそびれていた.日本で初めて EME 交信を成功させた久留米市の JA6DR 隈本氏が5月31日に逝去された.久留米大会開始直前に告別式が執り行われそうだ.直接の面識はなかったが氏のご冥福を祈りたい.以下は JH1KRC 渡辺さんのメールから.

A very sad news came in.
JA6DR who was first licensed and opereated 2m EME in 1975
from Kurume, Fukuoka, passed away May 31.

His EME success, the first time in JA, was broradcasted on TV
in a 15 minutes news. 7F13R (7213 equiv.) HPA of K2CBA
style was impressive, but he did not operate 70cm.

Today and tomorrow JA-EME national meeting is held in Kurume
by JA6CZD, who began the first JA 70cm EME at that time.

A 1/10 scaled replica of 10m dish made by JA6DR is exhibited
by JA6XED, who became an EME'er after JA6DR. This replica
is installed with DRIACS-G2 and would track the moon.

Over 50 moon-bouncers get together today in Kurume....
Rest in peace, JA6DR.

Mike JH1KRC/6
by JM1WBB | 2012-06-05 00:36 | EME